About The Memorial Plaque

Given as a poignant tribute to every serviceman or woman who died serving with the British and Empire forces during World War One, The Next of Kin Memorial Plaque, was a large bronze tablet minted to commemorate the sacrifice of fallen veterans, each one personalised with the deceased's name.

Every name was typeset in raised relief within a box, a labour-intensive process, the details of which are now sadly forgotten.

A sorrowful reminder of a loved one's sacrifice: this large bronze memorial plaque was also known as the 'Dead Man's Penny', 'Widow's Penny' or 'the Death Plaque'. During 1919-1920, these 11cm(​4 1⁄2 inch) diameter bronze medallions were sent by post to the next of kin of the departed along with an elegant scroll, posted out separately. Both items contained a 'King's message' with a facsimile signature of King George V.

A Fitting Tribute

From the design of the original Memorial Plaque a replicated version has been created and renamed The Remembrance Penny. the size of a one penny piece (12.7mm diameter)

The beautiful bronze penny forms part of a trio of commemorative components which include The Bronze Seedpod and The Bronze Poppy itself. The poppy and seedpod are designed to precisely house The Remembrance Penny.

Service details or a personal message will be engraved on the back of each penny.

More details - citations, pictures, medals, details of service - can be added to the website so that families can commemorate the sacrifice made by their relatives.